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Chalkboard Classroom Labels. Editable Basketball Behavior Chart. Alvin Ho Comprehension Chapter Questions. By Miss Hultgren. Chapter questions and vocabulary ready for your targeted or guided reading group.

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Each chapter has three to four questions and vocabulary words designed to help deepen understanding and guide your discussion. This resource can be printed or used. English Language Arts, Reading, Vocabulary.

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A Smart Notebook game that can be used as a formative or summative assessment, or as a fun way to review for an end of unit assessment! This game has 5 categories with 5 questions in each ranging from points. The categories are: -The. Social Studies - History, Government, U. Activities, Games, Activboard Activities. Each chapter has between three and four questions and vocabulary words designed to help deepen understanding and guide your discussion.

This resource can be printed or. Secret Santa Questionnaire. The first page is more Christmas themed with holly branches and trees- the second page is snow themed. Fun Stuff, Handouts, Printables.Slideshows are the best way to present photos if you want to captivate and impress your clients. SmartSlides brings your photos to life in incredibly personal and meaningful ways. The interface is beautiful and easy to use, and the smart features allow you to make a slideshow in just 3 simple steps:.

smartslides math

Because SmartSlides is made for photographers, everything looks and works beautifully, putting the spotlight on your photos where it should be. We know the struggle of finding the perfect soundtrack. Dealing with expensive music licensing fees can make slideshows a painful and expensive part of your business. SmartSlides has an original music library that is fully-licensed and carefully curated to make slideshows truly effortless. Ability to download the slideshow as a 4K Ultra HD video file gives you and your clients full freedom in the way you share and use the slideshow.

The first and only web slideshow maker with 4k Ultra HD. Unlike other slideshow solutions, SmartSlides will not degrade the quality of your images. With four times more pixels than regular HD, your images will be crisp and full of detail. Slideshows are created with mobile browsers and devices in mind using ultra-fast loading for the best client experience. Emphasize your brand by adding your logo and connecting your domain for a custom URL. Grow brand awareness with prominent social share buttons included in all themes, making slideshows easy to share with family and friends.

Impress your clients with a sophisticated beat-matched slideshow. Automatic beat-matching is available on all songs included in the SmartSlides' music library. My clients absolutely love them. I've tried many solutions over the years and SmartSlides blows everything out of the water.

Make beautiful slideshows SmartSlides helps photographers tell stories with photos and music. Watch video Make a Slideshow. Presentation that looks every bit as beautiful as your photos. Licensed and curated music library to help tell your story. Embed SmartSlides allows you to embed your slideshow directly on your website or blog.

Download Ability to download the slideshow as a 4K Ultra HD video file gives you and your clients full freedom in the way you share and use the slideshow. Mobile Slideshows are created with mobile browsers and devices in mind using ultra-fast loading for the best client experience.

Make beautiful slideshows

Branded Emphasize your brand by adding your logo and connecting your domain for a custom URL. Beat-Matching Impress your clients with a sophisticated beat-matched slideshow. Try SmartSlides for yourself.

No credit card required.SmartSlides is an incredible system from Pixellu that has helped streamline my business. The new beat matching feature is amazing. I used to have to match my photos to the beat manually with another program that took hours. I can now create a beautiful slideshow within minutes. An absolute game-changer. SmartSlides is incredibly easy to use, saves us hours of work every week, and the results are perfect.

I have been begging for an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly slideshow since I first held an iPhone. The SmartSlides team has done it better than I imagined. With built-in hosting and no lengthy processing and compression time, it means I can send slideshows to clients about 30 seconds after I finish. The integrated royalty-free music library speeds up another time-consuming part of the process.

Taking all the points of friction away has made me love slideshows again.

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SmartSlides for me is like the cherry on top. The grand finale.

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The icing on the cake. It feels so good to put all of your hard work into this beautiful visual presentation for your clients to enjoy. It's like finally putting that painting you spent hours on, up on your wall for everyone to enjoy. Having a program that is so easy to use has been a game-changer for my business and for my sanity!

Couples love them! Try SmartSlides for yourself. No credit card required.In this session, you will see how Lynda Moore teacher of 30 years uses hyperslides to engage her students and build confidence and ownership in their learning. She uses live data, immediate feedback and self assessment to teach HS Geometry. The use of Teacher Time, Think Pair Share and looping of content are some of the tools that you will learn in this webinar. Recommended Grade Level: 6 - Attend a group training Schedule a 1-on-1 guided demo Watch a demo video.

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Webinar Title. SmartSlides for Engaging Students. Banner Title Color. Agenda Topics. Add a topic. Remove Section. Link the footer back to your website. Change Delete. I am a mother, wife and math teacher. This is my 27th year of teaching and I am a Desmos fellow and Desmos certified presenter. I have several tech related videos for stat and TI-NSpire at www. Feel free to ask me questions about National Board Certification renewed in Teacher of 30 years, life long learner.

Mom of two great kids, Son 22 and Daughter Email: KnowMooreMath gmail.Continue Reading…. Tired of spending hours searching for fun activities and tasks to elevate your lesson? Come learn how to stop being tired and start being productive by understanding how to analyze resources to transform your teaching. Next Week. GMD Rewind: Watch a session that you wanted to see, but did not, or re-watch one of the sessions you attended!

Then blog or tweet about what you learned and how you will apply it to your own classroom! You can always check out past and upcoming Global Math Department webinars. For the past 10 days, our fellow educators in Chicago have been teaching. With the announcement of the strike, Mayor Lightfoot announced the canceling of classes for approximatelystudents until a settlement can be reached.

Parents, impacted by the sudden lack of consistent and free childcare offered through the services of public school, may fear that their students will fall behind in their studies, having missed six days and counting! Yet, as educators, we must consider that students may learn far more during this six-day reprieve of formal education with the informal learning they are currently garnering.

While this post was directed at the topic of lesson planning with a monolingual and monocultural lens based on the work of Dr. In the event of the Chicago Teachers Union Strike, students may be learning about the politics involved in what can often appear to be an apolitical public education. Students may begin to gain understanding as they watch their teachers model what it means to stand for justice.

Students may begin to feel the local inconvenience of having a public right e. Students may even recognize the agency and power that they hold within themselves to create change. And so, out of necessity, oppression, or ease, it is erased.

Below, I share three examples of erasure in education that I found this week on the wide open world of Twitter.

smartslides math

This is an example of physical erasure. Many still refuse to recognize the effects of colonization on Native American people, and the acculturation enforced on their children as they attend schools that are centered on the Eurocentric values of their oppressor. Yet, this graphic makes that erasure evident. What do you notice and wonder about the differences between these two graphs? I share these three examples to demonstrate how easily events can be erased from history, from our presence of mind, and from our vocabulary.

I celebrate the movement of bringing those on the margins towards the center, and the re learning and re centering of what we want our students to learn as citizens of our society-at-large.

It is most certainly more than just the mathematics we are tasked with teaching in school. There have been many acts of kindness shown towards the teachers on strike in Chicago. Some have sent pizza, others doughnuts and coffee, and others have shared their time. You may wonder how you, individually, can show solidarity with our fellow educators in Chicago. The more traffic to these tags, the larger presence that the strike receives from local and national media, and the more pressure applied for both sides to come to an agreement over the terms at stake.

We also know from last year that this teacher strike is not specifically about Chicago, and that this movement for justice for this group may usher in justice and opportunity for others. Whatever your choice in showing solidarity for this group and this moment, may it simply not be to erase it from consciousness and history. Sitting on the couch, scrolling through the seemingly endless number of TV series at my fingertips, I found myself searching for something to watch that was as close as possible to the previous series I had just binged my way through.

My wife and I are obsessed with British crime shows, especially those featuring David Tennant. After little success, I habitually picked up my phone to keep up-to-date on the Twitter users I closely follow.

In that moment I realised that, just like my Netflix choices, my Twitter choices represented an extremely narrow and unvaried sample of what is available. A lot in one tweet! A lot of Maths teachers who have persevered through the early stages of using Twitter often recall having their cries for help answered. Sadly, too many tweets go unheard. From her feed, it appears that Annette likes to share good stuff that comes her way through retweets and jumps online every so often.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

MathOverflow is a question and answer site for professional mathematicians. It only takes a minute to sign up.

I am toying with the idea of using slides Beamer package in a third year math course I will teach next semester. As this would be my first attempt at this, I would like to gather ideas about the possible pros and cons of doing this. On the other hand, there seems to be something about writing slowly with a chalk on a board that makes it easier to follow and understand I have to add the disclaimer that here I am just relying on only a few reports I have from students and colleagues.

It would very much like to hear about your experiences with using slides in the classroom, possible pitfalls that you may have noticed, and ways you have found to optimize this. I am aware that the question may be a bit like the one with Japanese chalks, once discussed here, but I think as using slides in the classroom is becoming more and more common in many other fields, it may be helpful to probe the advantages and disadvantages of using them in math classrooms as well.

I think you already touched on the two main points: pretty pictures are so much better than anything done on a chalkboard is the pro, but you cannot decently unwind any argument on slides.

I've used them intensively, I do it a lot less now.

Israel Arredondo Photographer Demos Slideshow (Smartslides)

Here's a con you did forget about: they take a lot of time to prepare, even when you're only revising them. If the room lends itself well to it, the hybrid method is best: use the slides only when they beat the board. Rooms that have a screen in the corner, rather than in front of the board, are best for this. Also, it seems that it's easier to fall asleep to slides than to a lecture, so be aware of that.

Make sure that the room is never too dark the quality of the screen material can be critical here too: good screens should be readable in full light. And switching your routine, never showing slides for too long, helps keeping the students awake. Slides can, in principle, enhance a lecture, but there is one important difference between slides and blackboard that definitely needs to be kept in mind, and that is that slides are much more transient than a blackboard.

Once one moves on from one slide to the next, the old slide is completely gone from view unless one deliberately cycles back to it ; and so if the student has not fully digested or at least copied down what was on that slide, he or she will have to somehow try to catch up in real time using the subsequent slides.

Often, the net result is that the student will become more and more lost for the remainder of the lecture, or else is spending all of his or her time transcribing the slides instead of listening in real time. In contrast, given enough blackboard space, the material from a previous blackboard tends to persist for several minutes after the point when one has moved onto another blackboard, which allows for a less frantic deployment of attention and concentration by the student.

If one distributes printed versions of the slides beforehand, then this difficulty is mostly eliminated. Though sometimes it takes a few lectures for the students to adapt to this.

Once, in the first class in an undergraduate maths course, I said that I wanted my students to try to understand the lecture rather than simply copy it down, and to that end I distributed printed copies of the slides that I would be lecturing from.

The slides were in bullet point form, and I would expand upon them in speech and on the board. I then found that for the first few lectures, the students, not knowing exactly what to do with their time now that they did not have to take as much notes, started highlighting all the bullet points on the printed notes.

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It was only after I threatened to distribute pre-highlighted lecture notes that they finally started listening to the lecture and annotating the notes as necessary. That said: I do sometimes show my student pictures taken from the web.

Also, I sometimes prepare animations with Geogebra that I then show during class.

smartslides math

Here's an example click and drag the blue node. Of course, it's even better to create the graph in front of the students: Geogebra is good for that. My philosophy is that students should be shown things being creatednot ready made.Your SmartSlides trial is free forever and does not expire. Both Month-to-Month and Annual plans are paid on a monthly basis. Month-to-Month plans can be canceled at any time, while Annual plans have a month contract. Yes, if you already purchased a plan, you can switch to another plan by visiting the My Subscriptions page of your Pixellu Account.

Please note that switching to a new annual plan automatically renews the month contract for your account. If your storage limit isyou can have up to active slideshows at any given time.

The slideshows limit does not renew every month. If you run out of space, you can delete old slideshows or log into your Pixellu Account and visit My Subscriptions to upgrade your storage capacity. Note that deleted slideshows will not be accessible by you or your clients.

Month-to-Month plans can be canceled any time. Annual plans can be canceled within the first 30 days of purchase. The All Apps Bundle is a single subscription to all three Pixellu products. You will get access to our album design software, SmartAlbums, our online album proofing service, Cloud Proofing SmartAlbums add-onand the Studio plan option for our slideshow design software, SmartSlides.

Everything you need to wow your clients in a single plan. Click here to learn more about language support. Annual Monthly. Does SmartSlides have a free trial? Does SmartSlides work on Windows and Mac? SmartSlides is a web application that works seamlessly on Windows and Mac computers. Can I switch plans?

How does slideshow storage work? What is your cancellation policy? What is included in the All Apps Bundle? What languages does SmartSlides support?

The following languages are currently supported in SmartSlides: English Portuguese Click here to learn more about language support.

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